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    Hiya Pam! I went through the denial too. I told my husband and my
    mother that I didn’t have this disease. And that I would rather slit
    my wrists than live with it. I guess it gets easier, I’m a little
    better with it now. I still have my fits tho, kicking, screaming,
    basically a tantrum.
    All the symptoms you had are exactly how I was. I felt hot all the
    time, and my heart pounded. I didn’t have much weight loss, around
    10-12lbs. I found out that I had it when my neck swelled also. I was
    sent to an endo, given beta blockers and PTU. That was a month ago and
    already my doctor is weaning me off the beta blockers which I am
    thrilled about. I have to stay on the PTU for a year, then she’s taking
    me off them to see if I might go into remission! I really hope I do.
    I feel like an old lady taking all these meds. I get really depressed
    still though, I am gaining weight, my muscle tone is gone, and I just
    don’t have the energy I used to.
    Please keep in touch….