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    Hi Eva,
    I am glad to find people out there who have not had their atomic
    cocktail or thyroid taken out. I have no real help to offer you
    but that I have been revisited too. I had Graves about 3 years too.
    I had taken a medicine that does almost the same as PTU. I took it
    for a little over a year and after my TSH came back up they took me
    off the medicine. Feburary this year I started feeling Graves symptoms
    again, I actually had some weight loss and hightend puls – only little
    eye involvment. I for my case decided to try Carbimazol again and
    started hemeopathic treatment. I am feeling well now, my TSH is very
    low but everything else alright. I feel emotionally stable. Now I
    am waiting again for the TSH to go back to normal and I hope the
    homeopathic treatment will help my body to reach that. I am very
    confident that with this supportiv treatment I will get through it
    once again – no atomic cocktail and no operation for me.
    I guess as long you seem to be doing fine with the PTU and if it would
    be necesary for you to take it again, than thats probably how life
    goes. I will go through this as often as I have to and as long as
    the medicine does not harm my body. I got the feeling from reading
    through some of the massages that being hypothroid does not make
    people feel good. They might be more healthy (hormone level wise) but
    not exactly happier – these are just my feelings.
    Hope you are feeling well and things have not gotten worse!

    Pamela Detrois