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    Boy, do my muscle hurt! I feel like I’ve been stung by a gazillion bees. I get to go to the doctor’s Tuesday. I did go see one doctor about a sharp pain in the shoulder that suddenly appeared. He said to use wet heat. That’s when you shower and localize the water in a specific area, like the shoulder.
    P.S. I don’t really know if that will work or not on stiff shoulders…

    Here’s another tip, epsom salts. Use these to help with muscle aches. Well atheletes like my brother’s football team use this to help with stiff joints.
    You can also try the hot mustard plaster treatment, but if you leave it on too long, it usually burns the skin.

    Well, better go. The pain is getting worst than before and when that happens, I can’t get up from the chair.
    Talk to you later,
    Ann N.