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    Okay, now I’m really confused! My doctor tested me for all the other auto-immune diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, because of all the muscle and joint problems I’ve had, and all came back negative. Those problems were worst when my thyroid levels were too high, and some different muscle/joint problems appeared when I became hypo. My endo tells me these things should clear up as my thyroid levels are stabilized, but that it may take a long time.

    Now, I’m reading from Jake, who is supposedly at stable thyroid levels, and Bruce, who never had a thyroid imbalance, that they’re having similar problems. Why is this? Does anyone know what causes it? I’ve also understood from all the information available so far that the emotional problems resulted from the thyroid imbalance, and yet Jake and Bruce and others still struggle with this as well.

    What mechanisms cause these problems, if it isn’t the thyroid imbalance? Does anyone have a clue? I wanted so much to be at the chat session. Unfortunately, I have a previous commitment for that evening, but hopefully I can get on for awhile before I have to leave.