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    Yes!!!My body does not convert T4 to T3 at all. Don’t know why because I have never gotten to
    any doctor to admit that there’s a problem or test for it. I was on synthroid for 10 years and
    felt miserable with a huge list of hypoth. problems the whole time.
    Freezing cold -even my bones felt cold.
    Huge wieght gains of 5 #’s a month, from 89 to 150 in a year.
    Hair loss in clumps. Bald spots on top of head.
    Milk in breasts ten years after ending breast feeding with last child.
    Mental sluggishness.
    Extreme fatigue, esp. in afternoon between 2 an supper. Definitely carbo
    related. Now 30 years later, I have diabetes. I think I had it all along
    or some preclinical stage in which you gain weight whenever you eat
    Searched for doctor who would give out anything but synthroid for years.
    The more reputable the doctor is, the less likely to prescribe Armour thyroid.
    The good news is, it works!!
    There are many thyroid medications on the market. As one doctor said to
    me “aren’t they all the same?” NO!!!
    If you can’t use synthroid you’ll know right away because you won’t get much relief
    from hypo symptoms. You might need any that contain T3 because that is
    the active hormone not T4. I read some medical researh that
    claimed they could find no biological activity in the cells that T4
    was involved in. Thyrolar has both T3 & T4. Cytomel is only T3.
    Synthroid has only the inactive hormone T4, but doctors assume that
    your body will convert it to T3 by a naturally occurring enzyme,
    deiodinase. Of course, it might be a good idea to test if you have
    this enzyme before Synthroid is prescribed, I think it is made in the liver.
    No doctor I’ve been to has ever tested me for it.
    They are not offerring this test anymore at the labs in my state.
    Supposedly, patients who need T3 are a rarity, but my current doctor has pulled 50%
    of his thyroid patients off synthroid due to a lack of
    effectiveness and prefers using Armour. Patients are reporting
    much better results. If anyone is interested, I can pursue this topic
    further. I’m getting really frustrated by physicians who don’t listen.
    Thx for letting me sound off!! 46 years living with GD.