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    My recommendation for the other symtoms is the one that has helped me tremendously. It is very simple, but you but give yourself the time to do it. I meditate 20 min. 2 times a day. Even with this awful disease, my attitude is good, positive, & balanced. Before it wasn’t, fear & mood swings dominated. People are telling me that I look radient, at work. As for your doctor, you must get him to listen to you. If not, start looking for a doc that will listen. If he is so callus, he doesn’t fathom the emotional aspects of the disease. It’s like a doc saying that eye bulging is just cosmetic:totally out of touch. Keep asking why, bring a list of questions, ask/demand answers, do not allow even a scrap of feeling a victem creep into your attitude. See any posts by Jake, & join the graves foundation, helpful with their bulletins.
    As for clothes, check out Salvation Army stores & the like. I dressed to hostess in a nice restaurant for many years with clothes from 2nd hand stores. Tell yourself that this is only temporary (& in your heart of hearts you know that’s true) & you will do what it takes to get there. Keep up the good work. I sure wish I could be 130 pounds. I have lost 25 # from graves, but I still have 40 # to be at my best weight…but being sick Isn’t how I want to achive it! You are doing the right thing in taking charge, being here. The Graves support group I go to is great. It meets in s.e. michigan if you are in the neighborhood, next friday nite. Stay happy! Karen