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I was recently diagnosed with Graves disease with a possibility of having
Hashimotos disease also. I have been kind of concerned about the medicine
I have just started taking, but I don’t seem to have much choice. Lately,
I have been mentally punishing myself for not reading up on everything I
can get my hands on. My husband is a pharmacy student, but just begining
and he has been asking some questions about it to his professors and they
have been helpful but I would appreciate any kind of input from you also.
I am a twenty year old full time housewife and I also put my husband
through college and pay all of the bills. I have always felt like I try
to do too much, but lately I am sick constantly. I am constantly
stressed and find myself staying up later at night and progressively sleep
more and more. If any one has any suggestions or even just want to write
back feel free! Thanks Signed-Confused.