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Yes, I have this problem too, It is diffuse hair loss over the entire
top of head. I used to get this when my replacement dosages were not
high enough or when I was on synthroid, but now am getting it all the
time. No relief in sight. I had a hysterectomy 2 yrs ago and it has
not been worse on estrogen replacemtn therapy but also is not better.
I am waiting to start losing what little is left since I just adjusted
my Armour thyroid dose downward so I could stop insomnia problems. So
far haven’t noticed an increase in hair loss, but I am expecting one.

If you hear of any remedy, let me know as I have little hair left and
intend to live a lot longer. Hopefully with something left on top.
None of the other thyroid patients in my family have this problem. They
think It’s funny. Not their problem so not sympathetic. I’m sick of
being sick! :-(8 <=====Smiley with goiter