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    Hi Alice, Everyone seems to go through this A little differently, I felt it was a God sent relief for me.I was being treated with Biaxion for swollen, inflamed legs, for three days. Woke up the next morning with a rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, leg cramps, rash allover my legs and trunk, couldn’t think or talk clearly. Callled the doctor, assuming I was having an allergic reaction to Biaion. He had blood work done that day including a Sensitive TSH. It was quite astonishing, in five days when the test came back, Graves Disease. It took a period of two weeks to do the uptake and to the RAI procedure. The 1st day, I felt no change, 2cnd day, Started breathing easier and slept, the rest of the week away only to drink fluids,toilet and bathe. At the end of that week, I was returning to myselelf. I hope all goes well for you.You’r in my prayers.Sheila (;>