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    Hi Darlene, I just read your message. You did not mention a doctor. Are you still seeing one? What about an endocrinologist? I had an operation just after I had the RAI. I just didn’t bother with doctors after that until about 6 years later ( which was not the right thing to do). I was put on Elythroxine (same as Levothyroxine). As you see from my earlier posting I have neglected and sort of denied having this disease and now I am 40 pounds overweight and I just don’t feel good. I think if you read all of the messages on the board you will get some answers to your questions. It is scary especially the weight gain but don’t completly rule out the RAI. It does have to be considered. At least you are on the right track. You are asking questions and looking for answers and that’s the first step. I wish I had taken it sooner.
    Take care, Kathy