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Please Help…………….I’m sooooo confused! This thing called Graves
has knocked me down and walked all over me. I have every symptom
it has to offer. The pain in my eyes and joints along with the hot flashes
are the worst. Where do I go from here? I was on PTU for 18
months without success. I am now using acupunture, yoga, and herbs.
My levels are worse then they were 2 years ago!!! I’ve gained 40 lbs
and feel like I am losing my mind. The weight gain came about with
the PTU but has not come off.(I went off the PTU 6 months ago )
I would ignore the extra weight if I felt better…but I’m still sick and now
I’m fat!! To make matters worse, everyone talks about wieght gain
after they kill the thyroid.

I have to do something….WHAT? The Atomic Cocktail is OUT!!
I am considering the surgery. At this point it looks like the only viable
option for me. I’m not happy about it but I can not go on feeling like
my life is out of control.

My Questions: Any information on Menapause and Graves
Any alternative treatment that has worked
Will all these symptons go away when my levels return
to normal?