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    Carol, Thanks for your reply. I have been to 4 different doctors. They
    all seem so deaf. They ask questions but don’t listen to the answers. It
    seems like they think they already know the answers. 18 months on
    PTU was enough meds for me. I’m the one thats never taken an
    asprin or antibiotic and now they want to fill me up with nasty stuff.
    I can’t bring myself to believe that there is not another treament out
    there! I just contacted a Thyroid Reasearcg Center in Conn. They
    claim 3 Treatments for Graves 1) Antithyroid drugs 2) RAI
    3) Surgery At least with the surgery there is a chance to come out of
    it somewhat intact. From what I understand the RAI treatment always
    leaves you Hypo. That’s another set of problems. Please…..anyone
    with information on Graves and Menopause….The HOT Flashs are
    to the point I fell like I’m being cooked in my own skin. I do not know
    how much more I can take. Strong? I was when I started this trip!
    It’s amazing what something like this can do to your believe in yourself.
    Sorry for running on………I needed to vent! Thanks for your
    understanding and compassion.
    I will beat this thing!!!! Darlene