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    I was just at my endo’s and my cholesterol levels are very high 30’s still.
    Am getting the same pressure from doc to take chol lowering drugs. I
    am now on 5 medications including insulin, Armour thyroid, anti-hypertensives,
    etc. I mentioned that I have had no luck losing any wight after 6 weeks on
    an 800 calorie iet and he said tdon’t eat. Great advice!!!!
    Grrrrrr! Oh well, at least I’m not gaining.
    What are the side effets of cholesterol lowering drugs? Anybody know?
    My doc told me it is now easy again to get Armour thyroid. It is making
    a comeback because so many people are now reporting low effectiveness
    of synthroid. New manufacturer has retooled production process to meet
    FDA standards on potency. Great news for those who find synthroid less
    effective than medications with T3.
    Karen let us know if chelation helps.