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    Hi, I’v been with this thing for about ten years. Medication worked the first time, then it came back badly about two years ago and I finally went for radioactive iodine. My thyroid readings are just a little high now but my eyes are a mess. After a 67 day scare as to whether I had breast cancer and three biopsies I should be excited to find out the mass was benign. However my eyes have been so bad lately that I have jumped from one specialist’s office to the other on the same street. I go in Mon, Wed and Fri of next week for intravenous treatments of cortizone and prednisone in high doses.
    Apparently the side effects are not as bad taking it that way. I have to go on Tues and Thur to get blood tests to make sure everything is going OK. For someone that is terrified of needles this is not going to be pleasant!! I’m so tired of having fluid around my eyes and double vision. I can’t drive because of the glare and must wear sunglasses around the house on bright days. I do work and have had to miss a lot due to health the past few months. I’m hoping this will do the trick. Has anyone out there experienced these treatments. I try not to let this get me down and live one day at a time, however, I feel I only have half days when I can’t see properly. It gets pretty depressing.
    Have been away from computer because it hurts my eyes but reading all your comments and realizing others are going through this painful time too – makes me feel we can all stick together and get through this.
    Thanks, Shar