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Greetings All!!!

Well Nancy took over answering the mail for a week and I feel like a new man.
I talked to Nancy on the phone over the weekend about her two posts and she is
right we have to be very careful using Dr names (unless it is something good)
and brand names. I am guilty on both counts and will mind my Ps and Qs from
now on.

I will probable use Nancy’s approach to answering questions by posting large
messages every few days to try and answer the mail. The Brand name issue will
be a little hard for me since I know of a few products that only have one
manufacture. You see we must not to appear to endorse one product over
another or one type of drug over another or one doc over another. Our
credability is very important to the NGDF and we can not jepordize it.

For those of you who are newly diagnosed or have had GD for awhile and would like
some good general info on the disease go to your pharmacy and see if they have
health video’s by subject. I won’t mention who makes the video (they are the
only ones) but they make a video on thyroid disease. It is narrated by an
ex surgion general (with a beard) and the video costs about $20. It is excellent.
It has a work book for watching the video and a place to write questions to ask
your doctor. I show it to all the new folks who come to my support group here in

I will be sending some of you answers directly as has Nancy in the past. For those
of you who must wear ground in prisms or are going through orbital decompressions
please send me an e-mail and I will suggest a eye glass frame you may want to c
consider. There is only one maker of these frames and they were made for people
who have a wide nose bridge or a very shallow nose bridge. The nose bridge
on the frames is in the middle like a small horse shoe and all of the weight of
the glasses rests on the bridge of the nose instead of the sides of the nose. They
are great for people with GD who have protuding eyes, heavy lenses or very thick
prisms. I wear a six diopter prism in each eye right now and had nine diopter
(base out) prisms and the lenses were very heavy and thick. I could wear the
glasses in relative comfort and still fold down the temples with thick prisms.
They have an added advantage of putting the lenses further away form the eyes so
if your eyes bug out the eyes or lashes do not touch the lenses. E-mail me for
more info if you like and I will answer you directly. It will be my personal
recommendation and not a recommendation from the NGDF.

I lurked in the shadows all week and read the posts. Keep up the good work and
keep talking and asking questions. I have had GD for 7 years and am still
learning more every day thanks in a good part to you all. I have to call people
to try and get the answers to your questions and I learn in the process. Thank
you for that. When we stop searching for knowledge we begin to loose sight of
what is around us.

Until latter,