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    Don’t freak out just yet. I, too, was diagnosed almost a year ago, and it sounds like you’re in a similar situation as I was, i.e., no serious eye problems. Well, I’m doing just FINE. I’ve been on tapazole since January and feel great. There’s a good chance I will go off the drug shortly as I seem to be in remission, and I know that there’s always the possibility that it may come back, but…I’ll deal with that when, and if, the time comes. I’m very hopeful. I recommend giving the Tapazole a go…what have you got to lose as long as you don’t get worse? I say all this because when I was first diagnosed, I got really freaked out. It’s important to be realistic, true, but it’s also important to take it as it comes…you may be one of the lucky ones who will go into permanent remission and won’t need iodine or surgery. It’s possible since you don’t seem to be in too bad of shape from the get go. Good luck. Feel free to email me if you need anything else.