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    yes, the anxiety is a major symptom in my bouts with this disease also. I have always had what is commonly referred to as a “Type A” personality but this disorder takes it to new heights! Your description reminds me of the same restless feeling I get from this disorder. Inability to concentrate as well, physical as well as mental restlessness, and worst of all Insomnia! Yikes. What I have found that works for me is engaging in physical activity nearly everyday. I am lucky because I have been physically active most of my life and continue taking part in dance classes at a local community college (it’s way cheaper in these exist on a budget times we live in). Additionally, many people on this message board have helped convince me that I have got to change my stressful lifestyle and begin a daily meditation session to help de-stress. Now I’m considering Yoga classes again, since they are very good exercise and also combine excellent meditation and focusing exercises. I know it’s hard to fit in physical activity in our daily lives with work, families, and friends but perhaps if you take the first step with meditation exercises its a big step. I began meditating just one week ago and have already felt some increased calmness enter my life. Hopefully as my meditation ability improves I will get more moments of calmness and clarity. I have the opposite problem with my eye, I have to add artificial tears to my eyes. It seems that the doctors only worry about the thyroid levels more than the eyes which concerns me since I already have double vision in one eye. At times like this this message board is more comforting than the doctors, knowing that others can relate to the same problems. Anyway, sorry to be so wordy, hope your “attacks” calm down. Meditation, it really works. Take care,