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    Hi K.C.
    I had Graves when I was a teenager. I am 39 now so it was a while ago. I went through a very hard time probably because I wasn’t getting the proper treatment. I finally had the RAI and my thyroid removed at 16. I went through HELL. I remember sweating so much under my armpits that before recess my clothing under my arms would be saturated. I could never put up my hand in school to answer a question. I had terrible tremors, itchiness, etc. I remember the shortness of breath as being very hard for me to cope with because I had always been very athletic and then I couldn’t walk across a room without panting. I was pacing the floors every night and then when I finally fell to sleep around six in the morning my mother could’t wake me up for school. My older sister used to sometimes pour water over my head to try to get me up. I was easily upset and a terror in the household. I hated the way I looked in the mirror and I had a terrible problem (still have) with self esteem. What I didn’t have was understanding and an adult around to help me manage the problem. I didn’t have the proper medicines and finally I went into a thyroid storm. I remember being in a panic most of the time. My parents thought I was taking illegal drugs because of the symptoms I had. They often threatened to send me to reform school. If you are a teenager or know of one the best thing to do is find out everything possible and make sure that there is psychological and medical support and lots of understanding.
    Take Care,