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    Me again…it’s my first time to and I have so much to say!

    I’d like to add a positive note…something to look forward to. I’m probably one of the lucky ones (at least I’d like to think so), but this has been a somewhat positive experience for me. #1: I was glad to get to the bottom of my sleepness nights, strange muscle/nerve pain, anxiety, etc. And now that my levels have been good for about 6 months, I feel better than I ever remember feeling. It has more to do than just being “healthy,” I’ve spent some serious time looking at my life, goals, attitudes, etc. because of my fear of this disease and I’ve really turned my life around in a positive way. My priorities have been rearranged for the better. I don’t sweat the small stuff. I emphatically reject stress-causing and negative influences. And I’m so much happier! Good luck.