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Hi Steve,

I had RAI, or as some call it I131, 3 1/2 years ago. I had a second
treatment in January this year. Has your doctor prescribed beta blockers
to block the effects of the hormone? I know for some people it helps
a great deal with the racing heart. After my first treatment, it took
about 8 to 9 weeks and then I became hypothyroid. But it only took
two weeks for everything to start slowing down. I could not take the
beta blockers because of having asthma. But I also started to have
thyroid regrowth and had to have the second treatment. It’s different
for everyone how fast it works. But if your not taking any beta blockers
to help you with the effects of your hormone, check with your doctor.

If you want more information, let me know. If you prefer to read about
it, I would recommend a book called “Your Thyroid, A Home Reference.”
It’s a paperback and cost in the U.S. around $5.00. It’s excellent
teaching material. It gives you alot of information plus it helps
you learn what the normal ranges in blood work should be.

Hang in there!