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    Read your message searching for info on double vision.
    Join the club. Diabetes and thyroid issues I’m told often go hand
    in hand. I went from Hypotthyroid (undiagnosed for years and weighed 250
    lbs at 5’3″)to diabetes (blood sugar @ 825) to hyperthyroid. Diabetes,
    diet, exercise, and Graves allowed me to get to 120 lbs. “They” insisted I
    take I131. Told me it was the only reasonable choice. How little I knew!
    They also told me to expect to return to 250 lbs. Well for 2 years I’ve
    kept off over 100 lbs but I work my rear off exercising (+7 hrs/week).

    The good news it that I haven’t been sick with colds/flu or any thing for
    about 3 years. I’m in good physical shape. Still are playing with the
    synthroid dose through after 3 years. Just got it reduced. Suppose now I’ll have to be
    doubly careful with diet and exercise. You can make it!! I even went off of insulin.
    My blood sugar is now better than most non-diabetics, my chlosterol is
    great, blood pressure is nice and low and I’ve even run a mile in 6 minutes
    and finished “Bay to Breakers” (7.2 mile run through San Francisco) in 75 minutes.

    Have only had problems with double vision recently (about 1 month)
    and am wondering if this is related to synthroid adjustment or something
    else. Optometrist put prisms in my glasses. Hope 2x everything will disappear
    when the glasses arrive. Wondering if this is nothing or if I need more information.