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    Hi Shana!
    I really know how you are feeling right now. I currently taking an acting class that I love so much. It’s really hard for me as well because i see pictures of myself before this disease and think, “My god, i look so different!” My eyes were my best feature too and it was hard for me to take this class because of what my eyes look like now and I said —screw it, I’m going to fight this thing. I’m too young for this to happen to me and I’m not going to let it bogg me down. I have to believe that we can all get better. All I’m doing at this time is trying to eat right, meditate, not stress at my job, and take my medication. It’s so hard for me because the only person I can actually confide to is myself – not my boyfriend, not my parents—-because they don’t fully understand. And you have to understand, I am the most self-conscious person and did not want to see anyone or even look at myself. It was so hard for me to socialize but i did it and now I’m over it because I’m SO determined to make my self better. I’m making an appointment to see an eye doctor and see what my options are on my eyes. I don’t have any vision problems but want my eyes to be normal again.

    I read your message and thought, this person is going through what i’m going through. How long have you had GD? How bad are your eyes —as far as any vision problems or are they bulging? Have you been seeing a doctor regularly?