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    Greetings all,

    Well it has been a busy week on the old BB. Welcome to all new folks
    and hello to all old (?) folks. I have send some of you answers
    individually so hopefully I will get all the mail answerd and add comments
    to Bruce’s STUFF (thanks Bruce).

    I entered a previous post on prisms but here is a brief. Ground prisms are
    great. Go for the high index plastic and e-mail me for a frame that is great
    of folks with GD.

    Secondary glocoma; Some folks have asked if marijuana would help. Belive it
    or not I have had a lot of conversations with folks and doctors on this subject.
    Survey says!!! NOPE to DOPE. Most people did not experence any relief and in
    many cases it agravated their eyes and did not help. Plus secondary munchies
    is not a good thing. The eye drops for glocoma have THC in them which is the
    active ingredient in POT so use the drops if prescribed and keep away from the
    pot. I must admit I thought about it myself thats why I started asking questions.

    Radiation and distance: How far to stay away is up to your doctor and the lenght
    of time as well. I was told a longer time and distance than most. Use common sense.
    And follow your doctors advice.

    This is a tougher one. Dentists and GD. Well the jury is out on that one. I have
    not been able to find much on the subject other than Ann’s post and what my dentist
    told me as well as some folks in my local group. Take it for what it’s worth it can
    not be found in writing. My dentist said he would watch my soft tissue and gums now
    that I have had radiation. Also said he would hold off any dental work needed until
    after the RAI. Look for a future item in the NGDF news letter that is sent
    out quarterly. If you are not a member go to the top of the message board and send
    in a sase for a application. Applications will be on line soon in the home page.

    I will write more latter. I have a wicked sinus infection and the screen is killing
    my eyes.

    on-line facilitator