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    I can’t thank you enough for responding…and before my appointment. It seems the crohn’s and graves complicate each other. That is why they recommend ablation. I guess I can handle one more pill a day IF it will get me back to normal. Also, according to the gastro man, the side effects of the drug therapy (they think) will complicate the crohn’s. My HMO will not authorize a visit to an endo since it was diagnosed and is treatable at a FP level. However, the gastro man is going to consult with the top endo man in town on the outside chance he recommends an alternative treatment procedure. If this thing is as simple as this, why doesn’t everyone opt for I131? Obviously, it’s not, is it. I will hear from the gastro or the FP concerning what’s next (treatment). Since both conditions facilitate weight loss, I assume this is why they are suggesting total ablation with I131.
    Thanks again, Jake.