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    Eureka! I thought I was the only GDer with fibromyalgia-esque symptoms. In fact, my odyssey began in summer of ’95 when I had all sorts of strange, unexplained nerve and muscle pains. I went through the gamut — neurologists and orthopedists eventually ending up with a rhuematologist who diagnosed me as having fibromyalgia as an offshoot of GD. The funny thing is, that in all the literature, etc. on GD they never talk about fibromyalgia as being a symptom, but for me it was really the only discernible one. Anyway, I’m rambling here. My doc put me on anti-depressants and something to help me sleep. I couldn’t handle the anti-depressants and found that once my sleep was under control (I wasn’t sleeping well due to GD) my fibromyalgia symptoms dissipated. Plus, lack of sleep can lead to depression. So what I’m saying here is that sleep plays a big part in all of this as well as getting the GD under control. I found that a muscle relaxant helped me sleep better, and get the all important REM sleep I needed. In any event, good luck. If you want to share more, I’m open.