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    Other stuff combined with Graves is the pits. Ask your Doc
    for alternatives to Albuteral as *I personally knwo there are.*
    No knowing all the rules to this BB I hesitate to suggest.
    Along with Graves, I had diabetes and asthma so bad
    I had a disabled plackard. Since I started taking the new asthma
    medicine and dropped weight, I tossed the permit. You may have seen in
    a previous posting that I did the SF Bay to Breakers last year in 75
    minutes. So there is hope. (I used to carry a bag (literally) of asthma meds
    and never went anywhere without a peak flow meter and insulin.) Maybe someon can
    tell me if I can share with Mary this great new asthma med. My doc says it is
    now the premier med for asthma. Worked for me. Know there is hope.
    Don’t give up. Be tough. This BB has lots of info.