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    Hi Peggysue,

    I am not an expert in finding help for folks in your situation but it is not
    as rare as you may think. I have received a few e-mails in the past few days
    with similar requests or questions. I am checking into your questions and the
    others as well. In the mean time I am asking the help of the readers of this
    board for their help.

    The situation is this. Quite a few folks with GD cannot work or get fired from
    their jobs. Some of us like Rachel, Dianne, Bruce and myself have been able to get
    time off of work (or retire) and keep our health insurance. Many of us are not that
    fortunate and find ourselves out of work without insurance. No job, no money, no
    money, no medicine, no medicine, you get sicker, you get sicker you can’t look for
    work, you can’t look for work, you have no money. It becomes an endless
    cycle. If you have a support system i.e. family and friends, it helps but!!! A
    person can only do so much.

    We have a lot of shadow readers who read the posts and don’t post (but e-mail me
    with comments and suggestions) and a large number of folks who are regulars on this
    forum. Does anyone have suggestions?? I am contacting medicade to see what their
    requirements are for assistance. But other than that I am at a loss. This is one
    thing we can try to find help on and give people reason to be thanksgiving. Your help
    will be appreciated. You can post your message on the BB or e-mail me and I will
    pass the information on to the folks who asked the questions..

    Thanks for your help,