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    We thank God your still with us too. As for life management I would suggest
    getting to a counsler and talking over how things are going in your life and
    see if there is anything you can change (external or internal) to help with
    stress. Meditation is a plus. I use needle point. Go figure. I’m 43, six
    foot three, 220 pounds and I do needle point. My eye doctor suggested it and
    I find it really relaxing. Not only that but I get some Christmas presents
    out of the way too.

    Find something that occupies your mind and takes your mind off you and problems.
    DO SOMETHING FOR YOU!!! Sometimes I burn medicinal herbs (it’s and indian thing)
    while listening to tribal flute and drum music. I know I am going to get a ton
    of mail so I will say what I use. I use Sage and sometimes a plant called deer
    toung. We buy them at indian pow wows. They are used as an insence not smoked.
    What I am saying is find what works for you. If it means changing the way you
    live so be it. If it means changing jobs so be it. I have said it before that
    your health and your family are the most important things in the world. If you
    don’t have them life can be hard.

    Take control of your GD don’t let it take control of you. It can be done. There
    are hundreds of posts on this BB that prove it is so.

    I wish you peace,