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The weight gain problem is not a small amount that can be exercised off or
dieted off. There is truly something really wrong when you get exercise
daily and are still gaining wieght at very low calorie intake. I must go
below 800 calories just to maintain my wiehgt. I am now on insulin and
that is causing another wieght gain. I went from 90’s to 150 in the first
year after my second thyroid operation. Before that I couldn’t gain no
matter how much I ate. I wish some researcher would figure out why.
I’m starving and still fat! The only thing I ever found that helped was
a high protein and very low carbohydrate diet. No starches or sugars
Just lean meat and fish and non starchy vegetables. It is no longer working
since I am on insulin. I try to keep my carboyhydrate ingestion to almost
nothing so I need the least amount of insulin I can take to keep my blood
sugar in normal range. Any body else got a diet that works!!!!

lean meat .,