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    Part of this may be repeat and if so, sorry! I had my RAI in 1991 and since that time have battled depression and weight gain. My very unsympathetic has always told me that since my levels were within normal, the symptoms I had were from some other problem! I started at .1mg and he did raise it once to .125. What I did this past year, partly due to the fact that my psychiatrist told me of the close link with low thyroid and depression, was to increase the dose myself. I called my endo to let him know what I was doing and he grudgingly agreed to monitor me. I started by taking .15 for about 4 months. Bloodwork was still “low normal” Now I am taking .175 and am still “normal”. I only know that I FEEL much better. Part of it may be psychological but it seems to me that my body must have needed more thyroid, or my bloodlevls would have increased. Now, this method of mine is not to be encouraged, but how about talking to your doctor and asking him to look at your symptoms and how you feel, rather than trusting the numbers on the lab slip? Now, I only hope my weight will start to go down again. I have gained from 135 to 199 over the last few years. And, I am certain that the depression began within a fw weeks of the RAI, despite the opinion of my endo that it is not related. Has anyone else been able to improve their symptoms by increasing their synthroid??? Why, oh WHY do the doctors want to keep us “low normal” My endo says it is because of the risk of osteporosis, but I read on the newsgroup that a malfunctionong thyroid can contribute to osteoporosis and so can inactivity due to our hypothyroidism and decreased activity. Guess I am long winded here. :) Sure feels good to take some responsibility for my care and not feel like such a victim!!