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Hi, everyone…

I just discovered this BB last week and I’m already very thankful for
the discovery. I participate in several newsgroups on the Web, but
think you guys (and gals) are…well…just COOL, I guess. I can’t
think of any other way to put it. :) After having GD for three years,
I wish I would have found you long ago, but am beyond words of how
glad I am that I found you now. I thought I knew a lot about this
stuff until I started reading previous posts. In several respects,
I am just learning. Thanks for the insights. Also, I must say that
I am thankful for a close-knit family that is very supportive even
though they are not sure how to take me sometimes. My greatest
support though is from my twin sister. She knows me better sometimes
than I know myself. She’s always there to remind me to get back on
track, if I stray into a somewhat depressive mood. Always a source
for laughs. :) I also have a job and supervisor that is very open
to my needs and doesn’t question my (seemingly) continuous doctors
appointments over the past three years. My doc is a great guy too.
He is young and can’t answer every minute question that I dig up
from the depths of medical texts, but he does his best and has been
very patient with me. He is always open to information that I give
him. I’ve bugged him incessantly over the last year as I get ever
so close to hypothyroid after having RAI in 1994. I have probably
tried his patience as much as GD has tried mine! :) I would have
had to tell me to find another doc a long time ago! :D Yes, to
borrow from Jake, I too am thankful that there are people out there
who care enough about other people to be willing to share information
and help when needed or just be willing to listen to someone share their
thoughts. It’s easy to forget that you have GD, it doesn’t have you
sometimes. Life does indeed go on and it is good. (thanks again Jake)
To borrow from a movie I saw one time…Things aren’t always perfect
but sometimes they are good enough. I wish you hope, courage and
happiness always.


Sheila H.