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    Holly, I too itch all over and the palms of my hands seem overly sensitive as is every nerve ending is at 100% capacity. Things feel course that aren’t course – bath towel in the morning, my hair, clothing, etc. I call it the “Princess and the Pea Syndrome”. I’m only on beta blockers since I was recently diagnosed. However, the skin sensitivity began with my other Graves’ symptoms prior to a diagnosis (hard, rapid heart beat, hand tremors, muscle weakness, loosing alot of hair, insomnia [it’s 4:00 am so you have company], inability to concentrate, stiff neck and shoulders, etc.
    Holly, have you looked into RAI or have you already tried that? Could be it’s a regional thing with the doctors in my neck of the woods preferring that before surgery (I’m in a Univ. town with medical facilities rivaling the Mayo, or so they say). Perhaps they are recommending surgery because of the results of your thyroid scan. Forgive me for speculating as it’s obviously none of my business and certainly not my profession!

    Good luck and God bless, Claudia