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    Hi I was just reading all the posts I’ve missed I was put on Tapazole for about a year
    I was on 30mg a day I went from hyper to hypo so my Dr. contacted a specialist and
    was told to put me on 20mg Tapazole and .075mg of Synthroid I was on that for 11/2
    yrs. in Sept. of this year the took me off all med. I felt great and my thyroid was staying
    normal About a week before Thanks giving I started noticing I had realy bad headaches
    Every day and no pain relievers would completely get rid of it also less and less sleep
    Shaking then I totally blew up at my husband for forgetting hot dogs for the kids I knew then
    that some thing was wrong.My Dr. said it was my choice I don’t have to do the RAI so I went back
    on my med. 20MG Tapazole and .075MG Synthroid I have been back on it for a week now and feel so
    much better can actually sleep my thyroid was still ok the Dr. said my graves was coming back but the
    good news is the dose between the two med. combined keeps me normal with out the RAI may be you should
    ask your Dr. I too have been avoiding any opperations if it is possible.
    The remission didn’t work for me but it might for you good luck.
    Deanna in Wishon