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Amen, Bruce! This drippy-eyed, chubby lady is trying to do just that.
I keep telling myself that there is a light at the end of this tunnel even
though my eyes are too puffy to see very far down it. I have an endo who
is more interested in relating stories of his Egyptian roots than in
educating me on my disease. I have had to lean on you and this support
group to bring some sanity into my life. I continue trying to learn all
I can while relying on you to bring me knowledge. And, yes, on this
Thanksgiving weekend, I am thankful for all of you.

Took our granddaughter Alyssa to see “101 Dalmations” on Thanksgiving
Day. That Ms. DeVil is a hoot. I am taking time to laugh while this
stupid disease tries to make me crazy. Graves’ will win a few battles
but just hide and watch while I win the war. Love to all.

Bruce, keep getting better, you hear?