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    Yep. I have what I now believe to be Interstitial Cystitis; chronic bladder infections for years with no bacterial cause. After many doctors and many antibiotics and tests I have pretty much given up getting rid of it. Only after reading about it did I recognize my symptoms. I have wondered the same thing (about the connection of these disease being that they are both of autoimmune disorder origin). I have especially wondered if my two conditions were connected since being diagnosed with eye symptoms due to Graves about 10 months ago. Knowing they are both autoimmune disorders I have recently made the connection. The way I understand these disorders they usually run in families and different family members can have different autoimmune disorders. My mother has an arthritic type condition also believed to be of automimmune disorder origin. I would be curious to know how you have treated your cystitis, any success? Mine continues, medications don’t help. Now I fear the two diseases will make each other worse wearing down my immune system. I wonder what it will do to my body next?? Any advice on treating the cystitis would be much appreciated since I have given up with my doctors. Considering a specialist soon, but I have also been to specialists regarding my Graves eye disorders and they haven’t been able to do anything except offer eye drops and eye tape. Yikes!! Sick and tired of these disorders and doctors who can’t seem to treat them with any kind of curing or even good preventative measures. Frustrated, Michele.