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    Seems like everyone’s endo has a different schedule for blood work. Mine
    gave me the written orders for a draw every 2 months. I can stop
    and have it drawn anywhere and they will send the results to the endo.
    He also gave me a written order for blood work in an emergency. It tells
    the lab to do the test STAT, give me the results, and call him. Since
    I’m on PTU, he didn’t want me in a situation where I couldn’t get the
    blood work done and get appropriate care if I got sick. Maybe you can get
    yours to do the same.

    As far as seeing him, I had a checkup after 4 weeks on PTU. My next
    visit isn’t for 1 year. BUT – he told me to call if any problems and
    what we couldn’t do over the phone, we would do in person.

    When we discussed treatment options, he left it up to me. He said if I
    was younger (I’m 47) he would want me to to the PTU. If older, he would
    want the RAI.

    He’s kind of a different doctor. He insists on being called by his first
    name and is open to questions, treatment options, etc. Since he takes
    care of a lot of diabetics, he is really into self-directed health care –
    he’ll help me with the options, but won’t make my decisions. He’s not
    into handholding at all. I like that even though it’s kind of scary.
    Right now I want someone to give me all the answers and guarantee them!

    One thing he did insist on was having my husband there when we made the
    PTU decision. He emphasized how much support I was going to need.

    He also emphasized that even though I would feel better in 4 – 6 weeks (and
    I do) and pretty much back to normal in 3 months – the symptoms would not
    resolve until 6 months. I’m guessing that is 6 months from start of PTU.

    I’m in a PPO, not HMO. Looks like in some cases there isn’t much

    Just thought I’d put in my 2cents worth! Wish more of you had joined
    Dianne, Rachel and I in the chat room. I was laughing so hard I scared
    the cat. Thanks!! I needed that!!!