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    Hi Joe,

    At the time I was diagnosed with GD, my doctor wanted to refer me to an
    ophthalmologist to get a “base line”. The only symptoms I am (was) having
    is dry eyes and a perceived sensitivity to light. I saw the eye doc last Wed.
    and he said there is no way from an exam to predict GD eye involvement
    prior to symptoms. Also, the eye involvement is the exception, not the rule.
    For the dry eyes, he gave me a sample of some great stuff by Bausch & Lomb
    called, Dry Eye Therapy, Preservative Free. It’s .3% glycerin and you can see
    through it just great. You can by it over the counter. Probably everyone else
    is already using it, but I’m new to Graves’ and all of this.
    I had RAI a week from last Wed. and I “think” I’m feeling better already.
    For me, I liked the remission numbers for this treatment over medication. I was
    nervous also about offing my thyroid and being dependent on a pill. However,
    at my age (49) I am already used to the idea of having glands that don’t function
    anymore and as far as taking a pill everyday for the rest of my life if and when
    I do go hypothyroid, well big deal, I thought. I have been taking a vitamin
    everyday all my life and I don’t feel tied to the vitie. Swallowing 2 pills instead
    of one is easy. Anyway, that was my rationalization. But as Jake and Bruce
    state often, everyone’s situation is different (age, overall health, sex, lifestyle, etc).
    Anyway, you might ask your doc about a referral to an ophthalmologist for a base
    line exam. That way, if there are symptoms, changes, etc. they can measure
    % and rate. Everything is compared to what, right? Good luck and I hope I have
    been of some help. I know for me, it was good to hear about other’s thought
    processes. Claudia