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    I’d be glad to listen whenever you need someone. I’ve had GD for 44 years
    now and believe me when I say life is worth living and these problems can
    be managed. One thing that’s happening to you is too much emotion. Your
    chemicals and hormones are just being overproduced all over your body and
    that’s what is causing these exteme reactions. All of these problems will
    stop and life will be normal again once these chemical changes are within
    normal ranges. Please get treatment right away. In your case, I would get
    hold of your doctor and get the fastest permanent effective treatment –
    either surgery or RAI. Don’t wait. There’s no reason to feel like this
    when you can be fine. Yes everything does get back to normal.
    Some patients tell me they feel like a whole different person.
    Good luck. Don’t be paralyzed by indecision. You will have control because
    there is effective treatment for this condition.
    Keep in touch.