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Hi Sue.
I just had RAI last Thursday after being in remission for 6 months.
I was on Tapazole and Inderal and went into complete remission. The
Endo weaned me off all medications and the GD came back with
a vengance!!!
I have very bad fluid retention in my feet and legs. I gained weight after I went into remission.
I went from 17o to almost 200 lbs in 5 months.
needless to say I am not a happy camper!!! I am 5’11” tall but still!!!!
I don’t go back to the Endo until January so don’t know what I will do
about this. Just watch what I eat and try to exercise as much as I can without getting exhausted.
I just went back to work today and I am wiped. I feel weak and depressed
and just want to sit down and cry out loud. I wonder what I have done to deserve this terrible disease.
Oh boy here I go again feeling sorry for myself!!!
I promised myself I would NOT do this again. But I just can’t help it sometimes.
Thanks for listening to me ramble