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Thanks for the information and enlightenment. I’m going to take the RAI in
January and am feeling alittle scared. I was diagnosed a month ago but
have been feeling “off” (swelling eyes, pounding heart, aching legs)
since the birth of my daughter 17 months ago. I thought it was just stress.
I finally went for a physical last month and he said that my thyroid levels
were at 22 (whatever that means) so… I had more blood work, a radio active
scan, and an ultrasound, they called the next week and said it was definately
graves and that I would have to do the RAI by the end of January – (My mom
has it too but didn’t get it until her late 40’s – I’m 34) Anyway,
I’m just blathering now. Thanks for posting, your story made me breathe
a sigh of relief – Good Luck!