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    Sorry, I did not find this an excellent book.
    The chapter on weight gain is a disaster!
    It minimizes all symptoms!
    It is patronizing!
    It makes light of a very serious disease!
    It recommends only synthroid, a medicine that contains only 1 of 5 thyroid
    It seems to have no understanding of the depth of havoc thyroid problems
    raise in body, mind, workplace, relationships.
    It states that the disease is easily treated and you will fully recover.
    For some of us there is no effective replacement dose.
    No physicians are listening.
    It contains no input from patients, but only platitudes from those who
    learn from books and each other (non-patients) rather than first hand
    It was published by the Thyroid Foundation of America which can be located
    in Boston, probably has a web site and is loosely associated with our