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    There are also T1 and T2 which, I believe, are precursors to T3 and T4.
    Calcitonin, is produced in other cells in the thyroid and regulates
    calcium metabolism. Limits bone loss. Salmon calcitonin is used for
    treating osteoporosis. It must be injected ike insulin as it is digested
    in the stomach.
    I don’t think T1 and T2 are active in the body, they are just steps on the
    way to forming T3 and T4.
    I need to research this out some more before i give you any more info. It’s
    been a while since I looked all this up.
    Thanks for calming me down, but that book is one button on me you don’t push.

    I guess it’s a good starting place to get information for those who are new to
    this disease. I’m toying with the idea of writing my own book. I guess my
    best credentials are as a patient.

    Two themes:
    1. Practical suggestions for coping with the symptoms of thyroid trouble.
    2. Really comprehensive medical info written for the nonmedical person, and
    including all current controversies affecting thyroid diagnosis and