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    I’m a smoker, too. I’ve been working on relaxation techniques, preparatory to quitting. The worry I have is that it is an addiction, and quitting an addiction is stressful, and stress plays into Graves. So I’m trying to work with the behaviors that trigger it, doing relaxation techniques, etc., without going cold turkey while I am still so ill with the disease. I have a friend who was getting a corneal transplant, and intended to use that surgery to quit smoking. Her doctor forbid it! He told her that she had to absolutely minimize her stress after the operation, in order to avoid rejection. He encouraged her to wait a few months, and THEN quit. Which she did. I’ve been thinking about that doctor’s advice a lot lately. He had compassion, and also the ability to weigh the risk factors. I absolutely don’t want to use this as a form of “denial”, but I do think that it is a valid point to consider. On the other hand, I’m wondering if the beta blockers I’m currently on, would lessen the physical withdrawal symptoms, thus making it easier. That’s something to consider, too.