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    My doctor only checks my TSH and a couple of weeks ago I went to an eye spec. and he took some blood test and said he was going to do more than just Tsh so maybe he was going to check T3 and T4. Don’t have results back as yet. You sound like you are really informed about this disease. I have an appt. with a medical dr., not an endo as not in my area but hope to find one soon in another town. I noticed someone on the board talking about thyroid hormone-is there a test to check our hormone level?? Like to know so I can be prepared when I go to dr. next week. I had a blood test (tsh) thru my work and found it was 0.05-realy LOW! So now going to Dr. with some proof that my synthroid may need to be raised. I am tired of being tired. What is the LATS antibody test? Thanks for all the support.