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Hm. I never thought of that, Patty. I wonder… I was given antidepressants
several months ago because I was so upset that I had a disease with a name. I
guess that sounds weird, but who knows? Anyway, these symptoms have been going
on for months, getting really bad in the past month. I had my RAI three days
ago. I wish this would all go away. I haven’t been to my favorite plate lunch
restaurant in what seems like forever. The owner probably thinks I died or
something… :-) I will definitely ask my doc if depression is a possibility
again. It doesn’t feel the same. Plus, I just saw my psychotherapist last
week and she would have noticed any depression, I think. I tend to get violent
and will resort to self mutilation when I get depressed. I don’t feel that way
at all Thank goodness…