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    Hi Diane,

    There are drugs which you can take during pregnancy which don’t cross the
    placenta so don’t affect the baby. PTU is the one I think – there are
    some messages about it around the middle of november, I think, if you look
    back a bit on this BB. Only thing is drug treatment needs to be taken for
    at least 18 months to protect against relapse, and pregnancy can trigger another
    episode so I guess you’re better off not waiting for remission (that’s only
    my opinion so ignore it if you want!).
    Treatment itself worked pretty fast for me – within 2 weeks of starting
    carbimazole I went underactive (which I thought was worse!)and it took a few
    more months with added thyroxine to feel really well but I was functioning
    better than I had been after a couple of months and was getting on OK at
    work, going to aerobics etc.which was impossible before.
    I can’t comment on the RAI, except to say that they don’t offer it here
    if you’re not post-menopausal – I think surgery is more common but maybe that’s a
    difference in the medical culture here.
    Sorry if this is a bit long!