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    I totally agree with that! I was going to a regular MD and he said that my TSH was way below normal -0.05..therefore he said that I must be hyperthyroid. So he put me on PTU and I progressively got sicker and sicker. Finally I was sent to an Endo and he did all the thyroid tests and I found out that I was actually hypo thyroid when I was put on the mega doses of PTU. The way the Endo explained it to me was…that if you are hyperthyroid for a number of years, your pituitary gland tends to get lazy, kind of like falling asleep. He said that not to worry about this the pituitary will eventually wake up. So my suggestion would be to INSIST on having the free T4 test done also. And it definitely pays to go see an Endo…Hope this helps. Take care and God Bless. Pam In Iowa