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    Your message really pushed my anger buttons, Sheila. I would really like to know where these doctors get off making psychological diagnoses, when they’ve probably only had one course in med school. Sorry, I’m feeling snippy. Anyway, I was treated for “anxiety” by my family practice doctor for two months of raging hyperthyroid symptoms, and I guess I’m still a bit “peeved.” I think it’s time to question your doctor about his credentials in treating hyperthyroidism. As an internal med doc, he probably hasn’t seen all that many in his career. Can you get a referral to an endo? If not, have you been collecting information from the web sites, from the thyroid foundations, from books, etc. about this disease? If so, I know I would be sorely tempted to xerox the pertinant information from each and every one of these sources, highlight them in fluorescent marking pen, and send them to this doctor. I would also ask him about his credentials to diagnose psychological problems. In other words, turn the tables. I know I’m more irreverant than most people when it comes to the M.Deities of the world. My husband roomed with three med students while we were engaged, and not a single one of them would have had enough background in psychiatry or pharmacology for me to trust their judgment completely on these issues.