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    It is true that fatigue, muscle aches and depression are all part of the fun
    of GD. As far as it being a personality trait, I’m not so sure. I am not doctor bashing
    when I say this, but you need to find a doctor that you can work with. If this
    person makes you feel uneasy for what ever reason, you may wish to choose another
    physician. Doctors have all different personalities, beleive me I know, like you
    I work with many doctors. I work at a hospital. I am seeing a psychologist and a
    psychiatrist. One to help me through the “disease” and one to regulate my medication.
    I fought it for a long time, I wish that I hadn’t. In a way I was angry at the
    disease, and myself for getting it. I know it sounds strange, but I am feeling much
    better and much stronger now. My advice is that if you do see a psychologist, go to
    one not in your office. Keep your personal and professional life separate. I know
    that there are laws of confidentiality, but I think you would feel more at ease
    about the whole thing if you went outside your office. Good luck…..Carolyn