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What you describe is very common among doctors who say the associated problems you
describe have nothing to do with GD. Some folks continue to have problems and they
are in a minority but the problems do exist. It is what you do with the problems from
this point on that matter. One of them is seeing a psycologist. The doc may have came
across wrong but the advise is valid. Some of the problems we experience is related to
depression. I am not saying that GD is a depressing disease (yes I am) but it does
cause changes in body chemistry, functioning and the like and this can cause physical

Find a new doctor? Your call! I have switched doctors three times. I would suggest you
get an endo on your team. I still see my internist but my endo, internist, phycologist and
eye surgion all keep tabs on my well being and health. The “stigma” of phychrists (?) had
kept me from going for years and thus kept me from feeling good for uears. It almost cost me
my family and job. It helped me and statistics prove it helps others. Hope this helped.